Montgomery County man, left on a doorstep as a newborn, is surprised with Super Bowl tickets

There will be a special guest at this year’s Super Bowl, a local man whose incredible story was shared when he tracked down his long-lost family, grabbing attention from all over the country. Now he’s heading to Phoenix.

90-year-old Jim Scott, of Lafayette Hill, was still in awe that he’s going to Super Bowl LVII. His family threw him a large send off to Phoenix bash. Jim has been a Birds fan for more than 60 years.

Jim Scott’s story was first told in December and how, at 12 days old, he was left on a Pittsburgh door step.

Jim’s oldest daughter, Maryland, spent years tracking down members of his biological family and helped reunite them.

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After hearing his story, the Eagles invited Jim to their last regular game of the season against the Giants.

"We were down on the field. We met a number of the football players," Scott said. "They were all so nice. Brandon told me he read the story. He was moved by the story and congratulated me."

That’s when Jim was presented with two Super Bowl tickets, courtesy of the NFL. "I was invited to that game. I knew nothing. I was just so appreciative of being able to go to an Eagles game."

"It’s just a feel-good story and they heard about it ad just wanted to be part of it," Jim’s daughter, Maryland Haig, explained.

"The entire thing is unbelievable," Jim added.

Maryland will accompany her dad on the all-expenses paid trip. "It’s gonna be an amazing thing I will always treasure, that my dad and I are doing this together."

"I’ve not really traveled. This is a first," Jim said.

The father or four, grandfather and great-grandfather has always loved football, playing in high school and college. His family says he’s so deserving of the trip.

"Being left on a doorstep and not having a clue what family was, he was the absolute role model for us," Jim’s son, Jim Scott, stated.

"I’m so happy it’s turned out the way it has. He’s so happy," Maryland added.