'Money and Violence' and the street cinema movement

This is no ordinary apartment in Flatbush. This is home base to the hit series "Money and Violence." Now in season 2, its success has been so huge, it has helped launch a new movement we're calling street cinema.

You can tell the wildly popular web series "Money and Violence" has a major production deal. Instead of a friend with one camera, there's a full movie-style crew and staff.

I met up with creator Moises Vernau, who also plays "Rafe," for an exclusive look on set as they filmed new episodes.

There've been adjustments for everyone in the cast, but most of all for Vernau who writes, directs, acts and also manages every detail. It is an authenticity he fought hard to maintain.

There's a growing list of new series from "Mayhem New Jersey" in Elizabeth, "Crime Heights" based out of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, "The Double Up" from Harlem and "Project Heat" based in the Pink Houses public housing development, where unarmed Akai Gurley was shot and killed by a police officer.

They have unique perspectives, but share similar gritty themes: the dangers of the streets; drugs, gun violence, arrests and what it takes to survive.

Like other art forms, making these series has an impact on the creators. This movement goes beyond entertainment. These series are giving jobs and new skills to talent that may otherwise never have had a chance.