Mom's Facebook plea fulfilled...and then some!

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A Utah mother who posted a plea to her Facebook page has had it answered dozens of times over after her post went viral on Facebook.

Deborah Grimshaw Skouson posted on Sunday, August 7, about her daughter, Cami. The young girl has autism and is fixated on a shirt that she got for her years ago.

Deborah wrote that her daughter has been fixated on it for the last 4-5 years, ever since she bought it for her when she was in kindergarten. Every time Cami grew out of it  or it was in need of replacement, she scoured the internet to search for a replacement.

In total, she's replaced the shirt four times since they original one. This year, however, her luck ran out. She said the current one is almost unwearable and eBay has gone dry. So she turned to Facebook.

She asked her friends and family to share her post. She's offered to pay for the shirt and pay shipping to get the replacement of the 'pink flower shirt'.

After thousands of shares, the Facebook page Love What Matters picked up her story. That's when Deborah hit the pink flower shirt jackpot.

She said that since she put her Facebook post up, she's received 78 replacements shirts, plus offers to make teddy bears, pillows, blankets, and other keepsakes

That's not all. Some people reached out to Target on Twitter. They responded and said they want to help her directly with getting replacements for the shirt.

Check out the Love What Matters post here:

In the end, shouldn't this be what Facebook and Twitter and social media is for? Maybe the world needs a little less terrible crime news and a little more great news.