Mommy bloggers

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Lyss Stern, CEO of, and Cynthia Litman, the founder of Mommas Pearls and Mom Time Events are two of millions of so-called mommy bloggers.

Lyss is a mother of three, and Cynthia is a mother of two. Lyss first started blogging 12 years ago. In 2009, Cynthia, an entertainment lawyer, left her full-time job to start her blogging career.

In the early mommy blogging days, mom bloggers were sometimes seen as being too open or opinionated, but things have changed.

Even though some see mom bloggers as stay-home mothers who sit on their couch and write all day, both say it may be true for some but it is not in their case. They have both created successful careers.

Lyss and Cynthia encourage other mothers to start their own blogs or follow one. Bottom line what they do is empower other women.