Mom dies of cancer a day after delivering twins

A 30-year-old California woman battled cancer through her pregnancy and died one day after giving birth to twins.

Jamie Snider died on Friday March 17th, the morning after Camila and Nico were born. 
The girls were born at 33 weeks via cesarean section at Stanford Medical Care Center in Palo Alto.

Jamie Snider, 30, had been diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of cervical cancer at the very beginning stages of the pregnancy.

She underwent intensive treatment and therapies for her disease while continuing to nourish the growth of what was being described as "her two little miracles."

Snider passed away of congenital heart failure the next morning.

She had two other daughters, Aubrey and Maddie so there are four children who lost thier mother.

A friend has started GoFundMe campaigns to raise money for the family and medical expenses.

Larina Campanile says, "Jamie was a ray of sunshine and the most beautiful free spirit. She touched everyone's life that crossed her path. She will be extremely missed by so many."