MLB: Pete Rose still bets on baseball

Major League Baseball Commissioner Robert Manfred announced Monday that he had denied former MLB star Pete Rose's request to be reinstated. Rose was banned from professional baseball in 1989 for gambling.

It was the third time Rose's ban had been upheld.

In a statement about his decision Manfred wrote, "During our meeting, Mr. Rose told me that he bet extensively on Cincinnati Red games in 1987. And, significantly, he told me that currently he bets recreationally and legally on horses and sports, including baseball."

Rose was informed of the decision on Monday, according to Manfred.

Rose had denied he bet on baseball more than a decade after he was banned. In 2004, he admitted to doing so when managing the Reds.

Despite the ban, Rose will be continued to be allowed to participate in ceremonial activities that "present no threat to the integrity of the game" as long as they are approved by the commissioner in advance.

The commissioner says that Rose's eligibility for the Hall of Fame is not affected by his current ban and should be taken up in a different forum.