Body of missing Goldman Sachs analyst John Castic found in Newtown Creek

On Monday, the NYPD released a photo of missing 27-year-old Goldman Sachs analyst John Castic. He disappeared after leaving a concert at the Brooklyn Mirage nightclub about 3 a.m. Saturday. 

Now police confirm the body they retrieved from nearby Newtown Creek has been identified as his. 

A friend who had planned to volunteer for a search instead witnessed the tragic scene. "A lot of good times, a lot of good memories I had with the guy."

Castic is the second man in two months to go missing it the Brooklyn Mirage area. On June 11, 27-year-old Karl Clemente was last seen outside the club after reportedly being denied admission due to apparent intoxication. His body was later found in the nearby creek. 

"We have nightlife, we want people to come here and have a nice time, but we want them to get home safely to their families," City Council Member Jennifer Gutierrez offered. "It's heartbreaking. It could happen to anybody." 


Body pulled from NYC waterway identified as missing Goldman Sachs staffer, family says

A body found floating in a New York City creek has been identified as missing Goldman Sachs staffer John Castic, his father told Fox News Digital.

The NYPD is telling us that they won't know the cause of John Castic's death until the city medical examiner conducts an investigation and issues a report. 

We reached out to the press office of the Brooklyn Mirage to see if they had any comment, but we did not get a reply by air time.