Missing boys located in Bear Mountain State Park, report

Two 16-year-old Hasidic boys from Brooklyn who got lost while hiking with other teens in Bear Mountain State Park were "located" on Friday, according to Yiddish News.

The boys reportedly encountered another hiker around 9:30 a.m. and asked to use his phone.

Local police had not confirmed the boys were found.

According to the Twitter account of Yiddish News, the boys are in "good health."

The teens were part of a summer camp trip to the 5,000-acre park Thursday when, according to the group's leader, the boys took a different route as they descended the mountain and were not seen again.

Police conducted a search overnight, but did not find the teens.

By daybreak Friday, members of the Hasidic community along with law enforcement resumed the search. A staging area was set up at the bottom of the hill of the park's tallest peak.

Just north of New York City in Rockland and Orange counties, Bear Mountain State Park has countless trails and rugged mountains overlooking the Hudson River.

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