Millions to receive stimulus money on Wednesday

Millions of Americans could be waking up to some extra money in their bank accounts.

The IRS said stimulus payments are expected to be deposited into millions of bank accounts on Wednesday. But scammers could be looking at checks as an opportunity to strike.

Most Americans can expect to see a payment of $1,200 and up -- but experts say we're more likely to fall victim to scammers trying to steal our money. Since there's so many people out of jobs right now, and they're not getting unemployment checks, many are in desperate need.

Didn't get your stimulus money?  There is a tracking tool

To protect your stimulus check, here's what you shouldn't do:

Don't give out personal information from anyone claiming they are from the government or want to expedite your check.

DO NOT CLICK on phishing e-mails that want you to log into a website, and that your check can be expedited.

The IRS will never call, text, or e-mail you asking for personal or bank account information. The agency will send people a letter.

People who get the notice and no payment should call the IRS immediately.

If you checked your bank account and don't have the stimulus check yet, it could come later on Wednesday.

Otherwise, the IRS has launched a tool called the "Get My Payment" tool. You will be able to see how the IRS is sending that payment, when it will be sent out, and you will be able to enter your bank account information if the agency has not already sent you a paper check.