Milkmaid dress is hot, new trend

From the pastures to the runway--dressing like a milkmaid could be one of the hottest summer trends.

"I think it’s very feminine with the neckline and the ruffles," says Dani Swissa, a brand ambassador for Warm in Nolita."I think it’s really easy to wear because it’s so comfortable it comes from that field, rural vibes — soit's really easy to wear, you just throw it on.  It’s meant for the milkmaid, so it should be comfortable."

Keep in mind this isn't a literal milkmaid costume per se, but rather a softer, ethereal take on the look.

"I think what happens with trends like this is people see these runway shows and they see pictures in magazines and it’s very aspirational and it’s very dramatic--butyou have to take it and make it your own," says fashion expert, George Brescia.

"So maybe you’re not wearing a cotton apron over a floral long dress or such an exaggerated square neckline with the bosom pushed up — a little softer version, Ithink is really beautiful."

According to experts and stylists, you can wear this trend for anything from a brunch to a clambake to a wedding rehearsal. It's also a very versatile look, perfect for the day or night--justthrow on a leather jacket and booties if it's a little colder out.

"The style for this whole milkmaid look tends to be a little baggier, they’re not skintight," says personal stylist and blogger Lindsay Brooke Weiss who believes this look is all about balanced proportions.

"So if you’re doing a baggier top I would do with the skinnier jean and vice versa if you’re doing like a wide leg eyelet pant I wouldn’t do a wide top because I think that could be unflattering."

According to Brooke Weiss, if you want to give this look a try--a top paired with a skinny jean is a great place to start.