Michigan woman arrested after stabbing 2-year-old daughter in chest and throat

A mother was arrested after she stabbed and attempted to drown her 2-year-old on Saturday in Albion, Michigan.

Police responded to a 911 call with children screaming and asking for help on Bluestem Ct in Albion. When officers arrived, they heard commotion from behind a locked door in the residence. An officer kicked the door open and found a 35-year-old woman holding a two-year-old under the water in the bathtub, police said. 

Police grabbed the two-year-old from the woman and took her into the living room, and began CPR. After giving a few quick breaths, the child coughed up water and began breathing on her own, police said.

"After further investigation, it appears the 35-year-old woman is the mother of 4 children in the house. The two-year-old girl had two stab wounds to the chest and throat, and the four-year-old boy had cuts. It is also believed both the two-year-old and four-year-old had possibly ingested some cleaning fluid," police said in a statement.

Police say the woman's 15-year-old daughter was the one who called 911 for help. The mother was taken into custody and transported to the hospital as she may have also ingested cleaning fluid.  

The two-year-old and the four-year-old were transported to the hospital in Jackson and later flown to Ann Arbor and were last known to be in stable condition.