Met Gala fashion review

The annual Met Gala is the biggest fashion event of the year, and this year brought out countless celebrities in some amazing outfits. Every year has a theme, and it's always interesting to see how designers interpret that theme to contribute to the amazing runway that is the event's red carpet.

This year's theme was "fashion in an age of technology," and Zac Posen interpreted that literally with a lit up dress made out of fiber optic fabric and powered by 30 battery packs. Claire Danes modeled it beautifully, and truly shone at the gala.

Techy materials were another trend, with Beyonce wearing a latex gown by Givenchy. While she looked great on the red carpet, some noticed that she was missing her wedding ring and her husband Jay Z, though many speculated this was all just to generate buzz around her new album and world tour.

Katy Perry's dress by Prada embodied the technology theme with beautiful embellishments featuring hardware and widgets, including a Tamagotchi (remember those?).

And let's not forget about the men. While most of the male stars on the carpet opted for traditional tuxedos, they infused their looks with technology through carefully selected accessories and finishing touches. For example, Idris Elba paired his tails with an Apple Watch, perfectly balancing the formality of the occasion with a wink at technology.