Message cursing President-elect projected onto Atlanta hotel

A local political organization has taken credit for projecting an anti-Donald Trump message, cursing the President-Elect, onto the side of a Midtown Atlanta hotel.

The Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America projected the image onto the side of the Crowne Plaza Hotel Atlanta-Midtown Sunday night. 

The message read "F--- TRUMP".

Organization Chairman Milton Tambor  told FOX 5  News" If the way to point out the injustice is to do something like this make people feel uncomfortable that's what you have to do."

The image, which appeared at about 7 p.m., could be seen by anyone traveling along West Peachtree Street for about 30 minutes.

The hotel asked the group to remove the sign and leave, which they did.

The group also posted video of the projection onto its YouTube page.

An Atlanta Police spokesperson told FOX 5’s Deidra Dukes the department will not file charges.

Officer Kim Jones said this would be considered criminal trespass but since no one reported the incident when it happened and the matter was resolved without police intervention, no charges will be filed.