Memorial grows for Plano teens killed in fiery weekend crash

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People in Plano are remembering the lives of two teenage girls, cut short Friday night when their Porsche SUV slammed into a tree and caught fire.

Police have not released the girls' names but family and friends have identified them as 16-year-olds Samantha Sacks and Lilly Davis.

A third 16-year-old survived the crash and is in the hospital with serious injuries. Kendall Murray's mother has been posting updates on her condition online, saying she is out of surgery and has her eyes open. Her mother is also thanking people for their outpouring of support.

The families of Sacks and Davis are still in shock at the sudden nature of their deaths.

"There are no words, there really aren't. It's just… I can't believe it. I still don't believe it," said Samantha's sister, Sydney Sacks.

Friends and family members gathered over the weekend at Mira Vista Boulevard, where the two girls lost their lives just the night before.

There is also a growing memorial outside Plano's Shepler High School. Counselors were at the school to support students and staff.

Through flowers, hugs and tears the group grappled with the loss and the hole left in their lives.

"Samantha was the most beautiful person. Anybody would've been lucky to have a sister like her, anybody would've been jealous of a sister like her," Sacks said.

Sacks told FOX 4 her sister was behind the wheel at the time of the crash.

"All three of the girls in the accident were best friends, they all played volleyball together," she said.

Kayla Cooper remembered her friend Lilly Davis fondly, as a bubbly, fun teenager.

"She was always full and honest, and always a light,” Cooper said.

Neighbors said they heard a loud noise around 11:30 p.m. Friday. Residents came out and tried to help. Police shut down part of the road for several hours as they investigated.

Police haven't determined how fast the girls were going when the Porsche hit the tree but believe speed was a factor.