Melvin's Juice Box | The Sip

When it comes to juicing, there's nobody like Melvin Major Jr. Melvin is the face of Melvin's Juice Box on Houston Street. And he's been juicing for decades.

Melvin first learned about fruits and vegetables while growing up on a farm in South Carolina.

Later he developed a following at various spots around New York City catching the eye of Miss Lily's restaurant partner Paul Salmon. And when a spot opened up adjacent to Miss Lily's, Paul knew just who to call.

Supermodel Christy Turlington is one of Melvin's biggest fans. His sweet and dandy drink was named after her. He starts with beets, then adds some ginger and lemon, then some pineapple, carrot and apple.

But Melvin's appeal is not just about the juice. It's about the passion he has for what he does. He says he makes good drinks and sends them out with a smile.

And what makes each drink even better is that it's made with Melvin's love.