Melissa Barrera discusses filming 'Scream VI' in New York City

The sixth movie of the "Scream" franchise opened in theaters Thursday night with a new Ghostface killer terrorizing The Big Apple. 

The previous five films all took place in the fictional town of Woodsboro, California. The core four survivors from the previous movie in 2022 have moved across the country to New York City, but the slashing follows them there. 

Packed with shocking scares, creepy plot twists and self-deprecating humor about the franchise, the sixth installment is star-studded.

Courtney Cox, Jenna Ortega, Hayden Panettiere and Melissa Barrera lead the way through subways, bodegas and city apartments trying to evade Ghostface. 

Good Day New York's Ryan Kristafer chatted with Barrera, who plays the lead role of Sam Carpenter about taking the franchise to New York City.

"It’s so exciting to be in the big city," Barrera said. "It’s so exciting to be in such an iconic setting, and to have all these different set piece to play with that are so well known for people. People think of New York – they think the subway, skyscrapers, they think of bodegas – all of these things in the movie and think New Yorkers are really going to appreciate."

Barrera’s co-star Ortega has skyrocketed in popularity with success of her series, "Wednesday." So who does she find more scary? Ghostface, or her on-screen sister’s Addams Family character?

"Oh my god," Barrera said. "I would be more scared of Wednesday Addams! She’s incredible. Jenna is such a pro. I feel so lucky that I get work with her, two movies now, and we have so much fun on set. The love that you see on screen is very real. So it’s very easy for us to play sisters, and we just have a blast."

Scream VI is in theaters now.