McDonald's reports increase in Quarter Pounder sales after it changed recipe

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

McDonald's reported that it gained market share for the first time in five years after it switched from frozen beef to fresh beef for its quarter-pound burgers across the U.S.

The company says that the fresh beef transition started as a customer-inspired initiative, for a hotter, juicier burger.

McDonald's introduced fresh beef quarter-pound burgers in May 2018 and had a more than 50% increase in quarter-pound sales during the first month and sales remained strong throughout the year. 

The company says quarter-pound burger sales increase 30% on average throughout the entire first year and McDonald's sold 40 million more quarter-pound burgers in the first three months of 2019 versus the same period in 2018." 

The transition to fresh beef was the most significant change to the McDonald's U.S.operations since adding the All Day Breakfast menu.

The company said they had to develop dedicated kitchen utensils, add new refrigerators and increase safeguards against any possible food safety issues.