McDonald's McGold Card gives free food for life

McDonald's is giving three people entrance into an exclusive club.  They will get McGold Cards good for free food "for life" from McDonald's.

It is part of a sweepstakes for people who use the fast food giant's mobile app to order food.

The prize isn't all-you-can-eat every day.  It is a card with a value of $1,040 on it each year for 50 years.  McDonald's says that is worth two meals a week.  The winner will also receive a check for $22,285 to help offset taxes on the prize, for a total value of $74,285.

A winner could also choose a single McGold Card with a value of $1,040 and a check for $50,960 (plus the $22,285 to help offset taxes).

The winner will also be able to give three other people McGold cards.

The sweepstakes goes until December 25th and people can enter once a day.

McDonald's did a similar sweepstakes back in 2018.  At the time there was buzz that it was an "exclusive McDonald's club that included celebrity members like Bill Gates.

Warren Buffett and Rob Lowe spoke about owning one, FOX News reported.