Mayor Adams vetoes City Council housing voucher bills

Mayor Eric Adams has vetoed four City Council bills intended to give more assistance to homeless people and address the city's affordable housing crisis, setting the stage for a showdown between the Mayor and the Council. 

The New York City Council has proposed a package of bills to allow more people to qualify for the city's housing voucher program. The program subsidizes rent to help homeless New Yorkers transition from shelters to permanent housing and provides assistance for those facing eviction.

City Council Member Pierina Sanchez, representing the 14th District in the Bronx, said, "It was legislation that would have increased housing vouchers for New Yorkers who are struggling with eviction and have moved people who are in shelters into housing faster."

The proposed bills aim to alleviate the burden on homeless individuals and families, as well as prevent evictions for those struggling to pay rent. 

The council could still override the veto, with enough votes.

The veto comes as the city's shelter system is being stretched to its limits by the thousands of asylum seekers who continue to arrive in the city each week.