Mattress Mack's Minnesota billboards fires back at realtor Kris Lindahl

Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale responded to Minnesota realtor Kris Lindahl and put the 53 billboards throughout Minnesota.   

On Oct.7, Lindahl called out Mattress Mack and put dozens of red and wite billboards around Houston in support of the Minnesota Twins in their playoffs' series against Houston Astros. 

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Yesterday, Mack showed a red billboard on his Twitter account that read "My wife is a real twin. Go Astros".  

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Mack said "thank you for putting my name on more billboards throughout Houston! My wife Linda is an actual twin and she, her sister Laura and our whole family are rooting for the Astros! As seen at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota".

Lindahl placed his billboards near the Houston airport and Minute Maid Park to challenged Mattress Mack with puns while promoting the Minnesota Twins.

The realtor billboard read "Hey, Mattress Mack You’ve Never Seen Twins Like This! Love, Kris Lindahl.

 Lindahl has not responded or commented regarding Mack's billboard.