Massive alligator captured crossing road

An alligator trapper got a call for a job at an interstate in Florida and found one of his biggest catches to date.

When Broderick Vaughan arrived at the Monroe St. exit for Interstate 10 in Tallahassee on June 3 he discovered the 12-foot, one-inch, 463 lb. injured gator near the side of the road.

The animal likely survived for some time in a holding pond south of the interstate before attempting to make the trek across the roadway, wrote Vaughan on his company Facebook page.

The trapper who is contracted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission said the gator was likely struck by a semi.

Vaughan hoisted the animal onto his truck after taping its injured snout shut.

It was euthanized a few days later.

A photo to the Vaughan Gators, LLC Facebook page shows Vaughan's daughter posing with the massive mammal.

The largest catch to date for the Vaughans was a 12-foot, eight-inch gator.