Martinis are making a comeback in NYC thanks to social media

The martini--considered an iconic New York adult beverage-- is apparently making a comeback.

"Martinis were hugely popular in the thirties and forties and really in the sixties and seventies," says mixologist Brian Van Flandern. "But they were kind of rude, ugly, strong things that were fashionable--they looked really cool in your hand, but they weren't all that great."

According to Brian Van Flandern, who has been referred to as 'America's Top Mixologist' by the Food Network--there are a few ingredients fueling the moment martinis are having.

"Not only are cocktails coming back into fashion through shows like Mad Men-- you're seeing all this content on social media, like Tik Tok and YouTube, but you're also seeing that these martinis taste phenomenal."

At the Penrose on the Upper East Side—you can order a traditional martini or one with a signature twist--like the pickle martini.

The key to a great tasting cocktail says Van Flandern is you shouldn't wince--a great, well-balanced martini, is oily, is creamy and absolutely delicious.

Van Flandern adds if you're new to martinis, try starting with vodka--as the original martinis were 50% gin and 50% vermouth--which can be very bitter if not stored properly.