Martellus Bennett: From NFL star to media mogul

Can you imagine a happier place on earth than Disneyland? If you ask former Giants tight end Martellus Bennett, that place is in the works. He says that building a theme park is his ultimate goal and the one he creates will be the happiest place in the world.

Earlier this year, Bennett announced his retirement from the NFL after a 10-year career, including a stint on the New York Giants in 2012 and a Super Bowl championship with the New England Patriots. But now he has even loftier goals in his next career.

He says he is a huge fan of fairy tales and fantasies and he wants to create his magical moments that will compete with Disney.

Bennett has released two children's books: "Hey A.J., It's Saturday" and "Hey A.J., It's Bedtime." Bennett, 31, has been writing books and songs and creating videos, animated movies, short films, and interactive apps for years. From his creations, he built his own multimedia content company called The Imagination Agency.

But it is more than fun and games for kids. He creates characters that children of color can relate to. He started the company when his daughter was born in 2014. He says he bought lots of children's books and media and realized that they didn't have a lot of characters that look like her.

He says it is important for his daughter and other children of color to see themselves in fantasies and adventures, which is why his company creates them.

And when Bennett's theme park is finally built, kids will be able to meet those characters that look like them in person.