Marriage and Money: Discuss finances with your partner

New love is such an amazing time to talk about feelings. But marriage and money don't always add up.

Certified financial planner Lisa Leslie urges couples to talk about their money and spending values before the vows. She said that finding a "spending soul mate" isn't so simple. So before you settle down, get to know your partner's credit report.

For example, discuss how you each handle your credit cards—do you pay credit cards in full or do you run a balance? Also, when you get your paycheck, should you spend it all or save a little bit? Set the mood with a monthly money date night where you discuss goals and go over bills.

"Do we decide one person is a little better about handling finances, so do they take a lead role?" Leslie said. "Do you feel comfortable in a joint account or do you want to have separate accounts for some things?"

To avoid financial conflicts later, make sure you have the right conversations now.