Many would consider selling organs to pay off student debt

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A new poll indicates that a lot of young Americans would consider extreme measures to get rid of student debt.

MyBankTracker did a survey that showed 30% of the respondants would be willing to sell an organ to get rid of their debt.

Another 38% said they would be willing to take part in a questionable health study to clear their debt.

More than half, 55%, said they would be willing to turn their life into a reality show to eliminate student loan debts.

The actual survey size was very small.  MyBankTracker says the data were collected from a poll of 200 random readers with an average student loan balance of $34,500.

Another recent survey, conducted by Bankrate, found that 56% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 with student loans have put off a major life event because of that debt.