Many women seek to freeze eggs

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When it comes to family planning, a lot more women are choosing to get pregnant later in life. Freezing their eggs is one way to make that possible.

Trina Morris doesn't have any children yet. But she says she would definitely consider freezing her eggs so she could experience motherhood one day in the future.

Fertility clinics in New York City are seeing more young women who want to delay motherhood.

Gina Bartasi is the CEO of Progyny, which offers fertility services including egg freezing. She says that part of the businesses has steadily increased.

Freezing eggs can cost you from $7,500 to $10,000 add to that about $1,000 a year for storage.

It is medical procedure not without risks. And Bartasi says it also does not guarantee you will get pregnant at some point in the future. But it does give women options.