Manhattan man claims $343M Powerball jackpot

A Manhattan retiree has come forward as the winner of a $343.8 million Powerball jackpot.

Robert Bailey, 67, had the winning numbers from the October 27, 2018, drawing. It was the largest jackpot in New York Lottery history.

Bailey said he has been playing the same numbers for 25 years.

"A family member gave me the numbers over 25 years ago and I faithfully play them," he said at a Wednesday news conference.

The retired federal government employee purchased his ticket at the West Harlem Deli on 5th Avenue in Harlem.

"I buy my tickets at three or four different stores," Baily said. "It was raining that day so I went into the deli to get out the rain and bought my ticket there."

Bailey said he didn't sleep the rest of the night after realizing he had the winning ticket.

He will take home $125,396,690 after required withholdings are taken from the prize.

The winning Powerball numbers for the October 27 drawing were 8, 12, 13, 19, 27, and the Powerball 4.

"It's a good life change," Baily said. "I plan to do the right thing with the money."

By the way, he said he won't stop playing the lottery.