Man who raps about robbing ATMs arrested for robbing ATM

From left to right are Ladesion Riley, Christopher Alton, Sashondre Dugas, and Darius Dugas in photos released by the Nashville Police Department.

A man who raps about robbing ATMs was arrested for robbing an ATM. Ladesion Riley, 30, was one of four people arrested in Tennessee on Monday.

The Nashville Police Department says the four carried out a plot to rob an ATM technician as he serviced a Bank of America machine.

Darius Dugas, 27, Sashondre Dugas, 32, and Christopher Alton, 27, from Houston, Texas, were also arrested.  The four were picked up just after they checked out of a motel.

Police say two of them approached the victim from behind and told him to not do anything stupid and hand over the money.

Detectives were able to determine that one of the getaway vehicles, a Hyundai Elantra, had been rented from Hertz. Using information provided by Hertz, detectives, with the assistance of aviation units, found the Hyundai and a maroon Jeep that accompanied it parked at the Motel 6 in Dickson.

Detectives watched as what appeared to be cash was loaded into the Jeep. When the Dugas couple and Riley pulled away from the motel in the Jeep, and as Alton drove away in the Hyundai, Dickson Police moved in with the assistance of the Nashville Police Department and the FBI.

The vehicles pulled over and the four were taken into custody without incident. Police released photos of the cash that was found in the trunk.

The Nashville Police Department released photos of the cash they say was recovered from an ATM robbery.

The Nashville Police Department released photos of the cash they say was recovered from an ATM robbery.

The four face federal charges and the FBI is investigating whether they committed similar robberies elsewhere.

Riley performs under the name ‘213 Jugg god’ and has released music videos on YouTube.

His latest song is called "Make it Home" and refers to robbing ATMs.

The Houston Police Officers' Union mocked him in a Facebook post after his arrest, saying:  "IRONY: When you make a rap song called "Make It Home", about bank jugging and hitting atm's out of state, and then don't make it home to Houston."

Jugging is slang for following unsuspecting victims to rob them.

The police union also noted that Riley was already out on felony bond with a long rap sheet.