Man survives being impaled by giant metal spear

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WARNING:  GRAPHIC IMAGES -- It was just a normal day at work for Justin Firth that would end up being one of the craziest of his life.

"I was at work, we'd been building a fence for a while. So I went up, got some, another guy to come down and help me. We were gonna use the loader and push the post in a little bit, make sure it was set good. All of a sudden I see a flash coming out of my eye," Firth says.

It was after thE flash that he realized he had a 30 pound tine running through is body.

"Everybody started screaming and running, calling 911. And I was just stuck there," Firth says.

The emergency crews had no way of freeing Firth and the tine from the larger pieces of machinery he was stuck to.

"They kept trying to figure out how to do it and the fire department didn't have anything to cut that with. And of course lifeflight didn't and no one else did," Firth says.  "So a couple of my guys went up and brought down a cutting torch."

Crews moved Firth to a helicopter and then he became unconscious and has no memory of the next four days.

He was transported to Portneuf Medical Center in Idaho and undergo three hours of surgery.

A team of doctors helped remove the spear-like object.

"He's extraordinarily lucky. It missed his spinal cord and the nerves that come out of the spinal cord and form the nerves that power his left leg by probably just a few millimeters or centimeters,"  Dr. Terrence Rager says.

Doctors expect him to make a full recover.  Firth expects to be able to go back to his same job.