Man parks plane in driveway

A Long Island man has angered some neighbors, and faces big fines, after deciding to park his Cessna in his driveway of a quiet residential neighborhood.

Harold Guretzky lives in Oceanside.  He doesn't fly right now because of a medical condition and decided that instead of paying $150 a month to park it at the Republic Airport, he would park it in his driveway.

Guretzky, who is going through a divorce says, "I can't afford to keep it at the airport."

The Town of Hempstead was not amused and has hit him with a summons that could cost him $2,500.  Plus, he could face a new summons every week he leaves the plane in his driveway.

"My neighbors are crucifying me," Guretzky told Fox 5 News. "People have their boats in their driveway."

He says he wants to allow field trips from schools so that kids can see the plane up close.

Guretzky says he has a security system with a PA system to keep mischievous kids away from the plane.