Man fleeing NYPD leaps from subway tracks to roof in Brooklyn

A 25-year-old man is under arrest after going to great lengths to avoid being arrested, getting caught on video jumping from an elevated subway track onto the roof of a building nearby in Brooklyn this week.

The NYPD says Kendall Floyd was originally stopped for a traffic violation by police near Humbolt and Debevoise streets on Wednesday afternoon. 

Authorities say Floyd struck an officer with his car door during the traffic stop, and then took off running, leading police on a wild chase that led him onto elevated subway tracks near Broadway and Thornton Street.

In a video seen on social media, Floyd then jumped from the tracks onto a nearby roof, shocking people standing below on the street. 

However, Floyd's daring leap didn't pay off. He injured his leg making the jump, and police eventually caught up with him and placed him under arrest.

The officer struck during the traffic stop is reportedly in stable condition.