Man falls through restaurant ceiling after stealing bike, ham

Don’t try to hide in a sandwich shop’s ceiling.

A suspect trying to evade police allegedly learned the hard way that the ceiling of an Idaho Subway shop wasn’t strong enough to hold the weight of a grown man. According to reports, the man is suspected of committing several crimes earlier in the day, including stealing a bicycle from a child and a stack of deli meat from the sandwich shop.

Authorities arrested Jesse James Moore after they found him laying on the ground in a woman’s bathroom at a Subway restaurant in Idaho Falls, East Idaho News reports. It is believed that he attempted to escape through the ceiling and then fell through, as pieces of the ceiling were found laying on the floor next to him.

Moore is believed to have been involved in a series of crimes leading up to his arrest.

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The owner of the Subway told authorities that Moore had entered the restaurant earlier in the day and went behind the counter to fill out an application. After he left, employees reportedly noticed that a stack of ham was missing.

It’s also believed that Moore was responsible for stealing a kid’s $480 BMX bike. Later in the day, a man reported to police that his motorcycle had been stolen from the parking lot of a grocery store. Whoever stole the bike reportedly left the stolen BMX bike in its place.

Fortunately, the motorcycle’s owner had flipped on the fuel cutoff switch and the bike was found just across the street.

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Officers reportedly spotted Moore in the area, who they say walked back into the Subway restaurant and locked himself in the women’s room. The owner of the Subway helped open the door, where Moore was reportedly found on the ground, along with pieces of the ceiling.

The Bonnerville County Jail lists Moore as an inmate. He is reportedly facing multiple charges, including grand theft for the motorcycle and petty theft for the bike and the ham.