Man charged with sexually assaulting teens in Rye: Police

A man who was out on bail for sexual assault is back in custody after Rye Police say he sexually assaulted two more young women.

Rye Police say 21-year-old Richard Olmino spent late nights stalking the small town in Westchester County, looking for teen girls to sexually assault. They say in a month's time, he attacked two victims, while a third was able to get away.

"We had no idea that this subject was out on bail for a serious crime that had occurred out in eastern Long Island," said Michael Kopy, City of Rye Commissioner of Public Safety.

Police say Olimno landed in Port Chester after being arrested in Suffolk County and being charged with a criminal sexual act. He was arrested again in Rye after a string of assaults in the vicinity of Playland Park and Rye Town Park.


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The first assault occurred in late May at around 2 a.m. A 15-year-old girl reported that she was confronted by Olimno after she left her friends. The teenager ran away.

Then, in early June, police say an 18-year-old left her friend around 1 a.m. and Olmino followed her, catching up with her near the Rye High School football field, starting a conversation, and then sexually assaulting her, running away after.

On June 23, a 16-year-old told authorities she was jogging, when Olimino began talking to her, before tackling her to the ground and sexually assaulting her. A security guard heard the screaming and stopped the assault before police say Olimino disappeared again.

Police say they were able to extensively search the area and recover evidence that was critical in identifying Olmino. They set up a surveillance team to track him and made their arrest on Saturday at his home in Port Chester.

"Clearly this individual has a history of predatory sexual behavior we’re seeing what happen in a very quick period of time in this area," Kopy said. "So, I think It is likely that we will see additional complaints come in."

Once police identified the suspect as Olmino, they discovered that not only was he charged with criminal sexual act in Suffolk County but for a myriad of other charges in both New York and Connecticut, including indecency, public lewdness, and exposing himself. He’s due back in court Tuesday morning.