Man chains himself to top of waterslide to save business

A New Hampshire man has chained himself to the top of a 30' waterslide in a desperate attempt to raise publicity and avoid foreclosure.

Kevin Dumont owns Liquid Planet waterpark in Candia, New Hampshire.

He says, "The bank has foreclosed on me and is auctioning the property on December 2nd so I am staying up here to try and save it."

He's hoping to look for someone or a company to partner with him to pay off the bank debt and "save yet another small business from failing."

A GoFundMe page was also set up to raise money.  By Wednesday afternoon it had only raised $165 of the $1 million he hoped to raise.

Dumont admits is it lonely at the top of the slide so he posted his phone number for people to text or call: 603 682 5865.