Man calmly mows lawn during tornado

A man in Canada doesn’t believe he had his priorities twisted as he continued mowing his lawn while a giant tornado swirled nearby.

Theunis Wessels was tending to the grass in his Alberta backyard on Friday when he said a large tornado appeared out of nowhere.

“At the time when I started mowing the lawn, nothing was in the sky. It was clearly a day that it was hot outside,” Wessels told “I would say halfway through the mowing process, it started forming a tornado and I just kept my eye on it.”

Wessels’ wife, Cecilia, began snapping photos of the giant twister along with her husband calmly mowing in the foreground and posted the photo to Facebook. It has been shared more than 2,000 times.

Wessels, however, said the tornado wasn’t as alarming as it looks as it was only categorized as an “F1,” which is considered moderate, with wind speeds from 73-112 mph.

He also said although the tornado damaged a few roofs in the area, the twister was at least a mile from his home.

“It was interesting," Wessels said. "It was hot and suddenly a cold wind blowing. There was a little bit of cautiousness but I just kept focused on it the whole time. Safety is first.”