Man banned from restaurant for eating too much sushi

A triathlete and former bodybuilder was banned from a sushi restaurant in Germany for eating too many pieces of the Japanese dish.

Last month, Jaroslav Bobrowski, 30, ate close to 100 plates of sushi at Running Sushi in Landshut, Germany, according to local media.

The software engineer reportedly follows a strict diet when training where he sometimes fasts for 20 hours.

Once his fast was up, Bobrowski hit the sushi buffet at Running Sushi which costs about $15.

But when he went to tip, the waiter did not accept the money. That's when he was told not to return.

“He eats for five people. That is not normal,” the owner told the Passauer Neue Presse.

"I was stunned," said Bobrowski.

To compound the matter, Bobrowski reportedly only ordered one drink and nothing from the bar.

"We only earn money on the drinks and he only consumed one tea the whole evening," said the owner to The Local.