Man arrested for drinking beer after being locked in cooler

What would you do if you were trapped in a convenience store walk-in beer cooler overnight?

A Wisconsin man who found himself in that very situation decided to crack open a few cold ones.  That ended up landing him in jail.

Police say that Jeremy Van Ert, 38, walked into  the Kwik Trip convenience store in Marshfield last week to buy some beer.  He apparently got trapped in teh walk-in cooler at midnight when its lock automatically engaged.

According to a police report, Van Ert drank an 18-ounce bottle of Icehouse beer and three cans of Four Loko.

"This is unique, I've been here twenty years. I've heard of people being locked inside of buildings, never inside of a beer cooler  or a beer cave," Police Chief Rick Gramza said.  "There's things Mr. Van Ert that could have done to remedy the situation as well, knocking on the glass door."

Police say Van Ert also knocked over a stack of Busch Light 30-pack cases, breaking three of them open during the time he was locked in the cooler.

He remained in the cooler until 6 a.m. when  a customer finally noticed him and alerted store workers.

Van Ert is accused of running out of the store after he was let out.  He was later arrested by police on theft charges.  He was held in the Wood County jail on a probation hold from an unrelated case.

Under conditions of that probation, he was reportedly required to remain sober.