Man accused of killing parents, shooting at ex-wife, found dead after manhunt

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A manhunt for a man accused of shooting at his ex-wife and murdering his own parents inside a Chester County senior living facility has ended. 59-year-old Bruce Rogal was found dead early Thursday morning.

Wednesday night, police say Rogal opened fire on his ex-wife outside the home they used to share together in West Bradford Township.

Rogal then went to the Bellingham Senior Living Center on the 1600 block of Boot Road in East Goshen Township, where he shot and killed both of his parents, Nancy and William Rogal. Both were in their late 80s.

During the manhunt, Rogal led police on a pursuit that ended near his former home in Bradford Township where he crashed into his former home and was later found dead after exchanging gunfire with police. 

According to District Attorney Tom Hogan, Rogal received papers Wednesday saying his divorce was finalized and it 'set him off.' After receiving the papers, investigators say he drove past his wife's home in West Bradford Township —saw her outside—and opened fire. No one was wounded.

The trouble started for Rogal and his ex-wife long ago and shortly after their marriage in 1990. In 1993, Rogal was convicted of assault and terroristic threats. From there, documents show years of abuse, according to his wife.

At one point, his wife says he “spit in my face” “jabbed me in the stomach.” In 2009, his wife says Rogal “grabbed me by the throat in the basement in an argument about paying for our son’s college.

Just a month later, she says, "My husband (Bruce) slammed me into the kitchen counter arguing over green dish soap.

The couple had been separated since 2015 and their divorce finalized—just hours before he opeed fire and killing his two parents, according to police.

FOX 29’s Steve Keeley was at the scene, which remained active early Thursday morning, as authorities closed one entrance to the neighborhood while they continued their investigation.

No further injuries have been reported as a result of gunfire, or the pursuit.

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