Man accused of killing 101-year-old neighbor

A man accused of killing a 101-year-old neighbor in western New York has pleaded not guilty to murder charges.

Greg Jesmer, 54, is accused of second-degree murder in the death of Marcia Morrison.

Police and firefighters found Morrison dead at her Rochester apartment on Tuesday. A senior transportation company had gone there to pick her up for her weekly ride, but she did not answer the door.

According to court documents, Morrison was stabbed multiple times in the neck, throat and upper body.

Jesmer is being held in the Monroe County Jail and is due back in court next week.  Police did not release any information about a possible motive.

In an unrelated case, Jesmer is charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Police say he offered a 13-year-old girl money to come to his apartment.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.