Man, 93, marries bridesmaid for late wife

True love happens when it's least expected — just ask this 93-year-old groom from England, who has married his late wife’s bridesmaid.

Margaret Husband, 95, of Oxfordshire, and Bernard Brice, 93, of Cumbria, knew each other when they were younger, but reconnected six years ago at the funeral for Bernard’s late-wife.

“[Bernard] collared me afterwards to say he’d always had a soft spot for mum,” Margaret’s son Robert Husband, 52, told Caters News. “I was a bit taken back when he told me he liked my mum at his wife’s funeral as it’s obviously quite a sensitive time.”

Bernard’s late wife, Dorothy Brice, was friends with Margaret in their youth and Margaret was even their bridesmaid when the pair got married.

This time around, she was the bride at Bernard’s wedding, and walked down the aisle at a local church with posies and ribbons tied to the handlebars of her three-wheeled walker.

“I didn’t think I’d see the day, but it’s really nice they’ve got this loving companionship at their age,” Robert said. “It was a brilliant day. They both had a lot of friends from around the country who went up to celebrate with them.”

Bernard’s 63-year-old son Graham Brice stood by his side as his best man, and Margaret was given away by her four sons.

“I wasn’t nervous — I was excited,” the elderly groom said. “I never dreamed I’d get married at this age."