Make-A-Wish fulfills teenager's med school dream

Hannah Culler has dreamed of being a doctor because of the lifesaving medical care she’s received over the past seven years. Thanks to the University of Central Florida College of Medicine and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Hannah recently received a white coat and made the rounds as a med student. 

“They went above and beyond to what I would have never imagined it to be like this. It’s just been an amazing day. Something I would have never dreamed of,” she told FOX 35.

The high school junior from Ohio has a potentially deadly autoimmune disease that causes her to go into anaphylactic shock. After one of Hannah’s doctors told Make-A-Wish about her aspirations to become a doctor, the foundation was quick to step in. 

Not only was it a dream come true for Hannah, but also for her mother, Karen. 

“Next to having my two children, this is the happiest day of my life. Truthfully. To watch Hannah’s dream come true, as a mom, gives me unspeakable joy. We are so grateful to Make-A-Wish and UCF for giving her a miracle gift,” she said. 

Watch the video to see Hannah’s dream come true.