Macy's pulls plates after Twitter users criticize the ‘fat-shaming' design

Macy’s is pulling a line of plates from their stores after Twitter users criticized the design for promoting “fat shaming” and unhealthy eating practices.

The plates feature three different sized rings, with the smallest labeled “skinny jeans,” the medium ring labeled “favorite jeans” and the largest ring labeled “mom jeans.”

Attention was first called to the plates’ messaging by podcast host Alie Ward, who tweeted out an image of the design Sunday.

“How can I get these plates from Macy’s banned in all 50 states?”

Thousands of Twitter users commented on the post, many of whom shared Ward’s sentiments, arguing that the plates’ messaging encouraged eating disorders and body shaming.

Many others expressed disdain for Ward’s comment, arguing that people who dislike the plates don’t have to buy them, prompting Ward to issue a follow-up Tweet defending her stance.

She also dropped a link to one of her podcast episodes in the comment thread of her original Tweet, which featured an interview she did with psychologist, author and beauty-researching kalologist, Dr. Renee Engeln. In the podcast, they discuss beauty standards and the way those standards affect our lives.

Macy’s responded to Ward’s Tweet several hours later, announcing that they would be removing the plates from their stores, adding, “we missed the mark on this product.”