Luxury movie theater serves cocktails and dinner

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There's nothing like enjoying a movie while reclining at home with a blanket and pillow, except doing that in a movie theater with an endless array of gourmet bites and drinks at your beck and call.

iPic entertainment's 14th U.S. theater in Fort Lee, N.J., is redefining the movie-going experience, starting with the extensive menu of delectable finger food served at your seat throughout the movie.

And we're not just talking about pizza and chicken fingers. The menu features everything from spicy tuna on crispy rice to sliders and even lobster rolls. Restaurant quality tuna in a movie theater!

If you'd rather eat before or after the movie, there's an in house farm-to-table restaurant called City Perch.

And let's talk drinks. They've been created by a top mixologist and feature freshly squeezed juices. Like one called the Ay Chihuahua. It is tequila and homemade passionfruit ginger beer.

With movie theater ticket sales declining in the U.S., theaters like iPic are offering a unique experience that can't necessarily be replicated by sitting on your couch and watching Netflix.

It starts from the moment you reserve your ticket on the iPic app. You can even order your food in advance. Premium tickets are $25 with a membership, with less expensive seats available, too.

And when you arrive at the theater, you're greeted by an environment that's a far cry from your typical multiplex, complete with mood lighting and custom artwork. Once you're settled in and indulging your senses, you'll feel like you're at home. Only better.