Luxury fashion brand allows you to rent clothes

Ralph Lauren is the first luxury brand to set up a rental subscription business allowing members to rent looks from the label's most recent collection.

According to celebrity style expert Jacqui Stafford, the move taps into a moment.

"We're all about sustainable sharing, we don't necessarily need to be spending a ton of money on items that we want to wear maybe once or twice. It's all about that affordability and sustainability and not being so extravagant," Stafford said.

It's a trend Stafford adds that started before the pandemic, but certainly gained momentum the past year as we've learned to live with less.

"It's really that above the keyboard dressing the moment if you will, we are going to be getting back into the workforce. We are going to be going out," Stafford said.

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A monthly subscription to starts at $125 with unlimited swaps, free shipping and access to 600 pieces ranging from daywear to special occasion. A subscriber makes their picks and the company will send four of the selections. Once a return is on the way, a new order will be shipped out.

"What every retailer, every brand is trying to do is saying, 'What does our customer want and how can we give our customer what he or she needs?' What we're learning to do is just really reintroduce fashion--fashion never going anywhere, but let's see what makes it relevant today," Stafford said.

Much like Rent The Runway, arguably the pioneer of the clothing rental model, pieces can also be purchased at member-exclusive prices, so if you like something you can add the piece to your closet forever.