Love knows no boundaries

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If you need proof that love will find you no matter your age, you don’t need to look any farther than 90 year old Billy Hargrove and his wife, 85 year old Virginia.

Hargrove lost the love of his life to cancer after 64 years of marriage.  Virginia had lost her husband of 57 years, too.

Three years ago, neither was looking for romance.

Then, Billy’s son and Virginia’s daughter met at a family wedding in North Carolina and decided their parents might be just right for each other. With a bit of ‘what in the world am I doing going on a blind date for the first time in 65 years with a woman my son picked out for me’ - Billy made the 85 mile drive from Milledgeville to Peachtree City.

He said he didn’t have any chocolate or red roses- so he brought what he had- okra- and knocked on Virginia door.  Apparently, Virginia didn’t mind.  After a whirlwind eight month courtship, the two married on April 28, 2013.

He makes her laugh… a lot!  And, she give him someone to cherish. The two enjoy being together, doing everything from playing cards to fishing to parasailing.

So, what is their advice for young people? Virginia says – be committed - don’t give up when things get tough. As for Billy, he says it’s worth hearing his father: “Just love a woman….  Because there will be times when you could cheerfully choke her," he says.  “And, don’t try to understand a woman- because you never will."