Long Island woman makes jeweled mirrors by hand

Susan Forbes, 88, of Brightwaters, New York, has enjoyed gardening and growing her own vegetables for most of her life. But another favorite hobby of hers is something she picked up only a few years ago. After she saw a jeweled mirror at an antique shop, she decided to make her own.

With a dose of patience and precision, that's exactly what she's doing. She buys the mirrors from antique dealers and estate sales and transforms them into works of art. Susan has designed over 100 mirrors of all different shapes and sizes.

She has laid out over $5,000 in supplies and spends hundreds of hours of her time. Although she hasn't made any sales, she still considers herself ahead.

Susan hopes to sell the mirrors, well at least some of them, so she can continue making more. Her dream is to have them on display at the Museum of Modern Art showcasing her passion.

It's not about how much money she'll make when she sells them. Her health is a greater reflection of her success.