Long Island to Islanders: Come home to Nassau

Officials on both sides of the aisle from Nassau and Suffolk Counties came together Friday afternoon with one "goal" in mind: To bring the New York Islanders hockey team back home to the Nassau Coliseum from Brooklyn.

"The Islanders' best investment is going to be right here," said Leg. Kevan Abrahams, the Nassau County Democratic minority leader.

Their signatures show support to bring the Islanders, who once called the "Old Barn" home, back to Long Island.

"All of my childhood memories of going to the games are from here," said one fan.

The team announced that its opening preseason game will be played at the Coliseum. While no other games will be played here this season, the big question surrounds the future and whether it is realistic.

"If the Islanders commit to a substantial number of games, anything that needs to be done to bring this facility to NHL compliance will be done," said Kevin Law, president of the Long Island Association.

Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment won't discuss specifics on the Islanders' future home. It did say the team and venue operators are in negotiations and have until January to make a decision.

We reached out to the Islanders. The team is not commenting.