Long Island teens train to become the future of firefighting

Forty-five ambitious teenagers from fire departments across Long Island are stepping into the shoes of heroes, experiencing firsthand what it takes to wear the gear and bravely fight fires. 

Through Camp Fahrenheit 516, the teens dive into a five-day intensive program, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to become the next generation of firefighters.

"We stretch hose line, search and rescue, we do emergency procedures," said Jerry Presta, Chair of the Nassau County Junior Firefighters Association.

The primary objective of Camp Fahrenheit 516 is to bolster recruitment efforts in the firefighting sector by nurturing these young talents and preparing them to join the ranks when they become eligible.

Recruitment numbers for firefighters are down while call volume is up, according to officials.

"Getting these kids involved is key to keeping the fire service going," Presta said.