Long Island teen lives with extremely rare disorder

At just 18 months old, Nico Vigliotti had spent more time in the hospital than most will in their lifetime. Nico is fighting a rare disorder. Doctors say he is one of just two people in the world born with a chromosome disorder so rare there isn't even a name for it.

In July, Nico's health took a turn for the worst when a virus attacked his lungs. He has been on a ventilator ever since. For Nico's mom and best friend, Debbie, the worst part is not knowing what the future holds. What she does know is her son's will is stronger than his illness.

Nico calls the thousands of people who support him on social media his defenders. They're the reason why he continues to fight. Through his foundation, Paving Pathways for Tomorrow, he hopes to help other single moms like his who have sick children like him.

Next Sunday there will be a basketball fundraiser for Nico. His friend Katie organized it.

A lung transplant is the only solution for Nico. He is mentally strong but his body isn't. Next month doctors will start therapy to hopefully build up his immune system for the surgery. Debbie calls him a medical marvel.