2 Long Island men charged for stealing rims and tires

The two men who stole rims and tires from 114 vehicles on Long Island over 15 months have been charged. 

Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney said the men, Randy Woods and Dwayne Jones, stole cars from eastern Nassau County to Yaphank in Suffolk County. 

The map above for where Woods and Jones stole rims and tires on Long Island.

One of the victims, Olga Mazzarino, said Woods and Jones deserve to be in jail after stealing the rims and tires of her blue Toyota late last year.

"I went to the car, and it was held up by one brick. Just one brick," she said. 

The tires and rims would be resold on digital platforms like Facebook marketplace and Instagram, according to Tierney who says investigators recovered text messages between the men.

"They were talking to specific customers who were telling them to look," Tierney said. "I want this type of tire in this type of rim, and they would go out and look to fulfill that request."

Officials say the men would strike in the middle of the night and hit cars in homeowners’ driveways, apartment complexes, dealerships, and even hotel parking lots.

Paul Salgueiro, owner of 112 Auto Body in Patchogue, says damage to eight of his cars cost close to $40,000. 

Woods, who pleaded not guilty, is being held on a $1 million bond. Jones, who is serving a 6-month sentence in New Jersey for an unrelated case, is expected to be arraigned next month.

Tierney says the thefts caused an estimated half a million dollars in property damage. Both men are repeat felony offenders and could face a maximum sentence of 25 years to life in prison if convicted.

An investigation into customers who were doing business with Woods and Jones is ongoing.